Customized Battery packs

4p round


Our battery packs are based mainly on the 18650 format cylindrical cells due to their excellent energy density.

Our favourite cell is Panasonic NCR18650PF , sourced from Japan. While they don`t have the highest outright discharge rate , overall they are they best cell , i.e. good cycle life, safe chemistry , consistent quality , etc.

We can of course construct battery pack from very high discharge cells like Sony 18650VTC5 or A123 26650 2.3Ah.

Our CNC mill provides us with with the ability to make battery assembly of virtually any shape.

Pouch cells and large cylindrical formats are also supported, there is more information in the “CNC milled battery assemblies”. Waterproof acrylic boxes can be supplied at additional cost.

All our packs come with a powerful charger included in the price, because we believe fast charging times are important for an electric vehicle to be practical.

Below are listed only some examples , packs of any configuration can be made on request.

For more comprehensive gallery of photos , refer to our Facebook page.


Triangular battery packs


Capacities : From 52v 20.3Ah to 72v 23.2Ah

Prices : From AU$1540 to AU$1950 (US$1125 – US$1430)

Waterproof bag and 3.5hr charger included.


Block shaped batteries


Capacities: Any , battery pictured is 52v 26Ah

Prices : TBA , battery pictured AU$1650 , including 6A charger


Odd shape batteries


Capacity: 81v 23.2Ah (22s 8P, max voltage 92.4v)

Price: AU$2620 (US$1920) including 8A charger.

This battery was custom built for Torque (Culbix) Raptor.


Capacity: 46.5v 14.5Ah

Price: AU$1020 (US$750) , including 4A charger

This battery was custom built for Ballarat e-bikes.


Battery packs refurbishing examples

A2B bicycle batteries rebuilds

WP_20150629_11_45_45_Pro WP_20150629_13_08_26_Pro

Original capacity: 36v 11.2Ah

New possible capacities: from 11.6Ah to 20.3Ah

Prices : from AU$620 to AU$1080 (US$455 to US$790) , not including new charger


SRAM Sparc battery rebuilds


Original capacity: 16v 8Ah

New possible capacities: from 18v 11.6Ah to 18v 23.2Ah

Prices : from AU$450 to AU$640 (US$340 to US$590) , including 4A charger







6 thoughts on “Batteries

  1. Hi, my name is andrew. i judt need a few quotes on the following,

    Can you do a better price on the 79volt ? how much for a 15amp version? can you make to custom measurements ? cheaper for multiple batteries?

    • Hi Andrew
      Here are the estimates :

      Option 1 – 79.2v nom. 17.4 AH pack with 6 amp charger and 60amp cont./108amp burst discharge BMS will be AU$2100.

      Option 2 – 79.2v nom. 14.5 AH pack with 5 amp charger and 50amp cont./90amp burst discharge BMS will be AU$1800.

      Both prices are excluding postage.

      They can be build in any shape or form and include 6 months limited warranty.

      Bulk price can be negotiated depending on the number of units required.

      Thank you.

  2. Hi guys, i was just reading about customized Chargers and was wondering if you can have a charger made up for a 21S battery with a peak output of 88.2Volts please, I currently have a 3.5Amp Charger for it but would like a larger one if possible. The total Amps for charging cant exceed 12 Amps due to my BMS, so something in the range of 6 to 10 amps would be great.



  3. I am looking for a low powered bike. There are some that have lead acid batteries which are probably near end of life.

    What is involved for me to convert one to lithium? Would I need a controller as well?

    What rewiring or new connections would be necessary?

    • Geoff
      We make the lithium batteries to be a drop-in replacement. The shape , voltage and capacity is made to suit each individual bike , including connectors. Often you can even use the original charger, as long as it is CC-CV (constant current , constant voltage) type.
      So no need to change anything , just tell us what you need.


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