Electric Drift trikes and Kart




These two were created as in-house projects on minimal budget, both use converted car alternators as BLDC motors and both have wires, zip ties, duct tape hanging off of them, because they are being upgraded constantly.

The trike is FWD and it`s purpose is to drift and is basically always in slide , reverse entry , 360 degree turn or some other OMG-I-AM-GONNA-DIE out of control situation(except when Jack drives ,for he is the master of drift).

The kart on the other hand is RWD , fast and good at only two things : pulling G`s through corners and destroying tyres.

The trike has one of our 48v Panasonic packs and the kart is running 72v 10Ah Li-po pack.


Trike Specs:

Chassis: Heavily modified Huffy slider

Power: 1.8kw

Torque: 20Nm(estimate but close)

Speed: 35km/h(limited)

Wheelspin:  Always

Endurance: 30 min. per charge


CNC milled dashboard.



Kart specs.:

Chassis: generic Chinese 50cc go kart

Power: 3 kw+

Torque: 15Nm

Speed: 55km/h (with my butt 40mm from the ground and very narrow wheelbase feels like 100km/h).

Adrenalin rush requirement : Understeer

Endurance: 40 min. on a charge


Triad Underworld electric drift trike


This is our production drift trike and is for sale, more info in the “Vehicles for sale” section, or go to our Ebay shop.


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