Quad bikes

These two are generic 49cc ATVs converted to electric using automotive alternators as BLDC motors.

Power output installed in both is about 2 kw with top speed of 30km/h at 48v.Being an off road vehicles top speed was sacrificed for torque and hill climb using 1:7.23 gear ratio on 10 inch wheel.

Advantages of an electric ATV/quad bike are obvious:

– Massive start up torque , ideal for off-road driving.

– Quietness of operation.

– Reliability and minimal maintenance.

– Absence of hot running parts allows it to be used in bushfire prone areas.

– No exhaust fumes.

Thanks to the advances in lithium battery technology they have a practical driving range too.

Drift quad

This quad bike has been assembled using a half of a dirt bike frame , go kart wheels , homemade double wishbone front suspension and a vw golf alternator.Disc brakes front and back.

Power is 3.5kw at 52v , and top speed is 45km/h.

Torque is massive.

drift quad front

drift quad rear



Assorted quad bikes



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