Folding stand-up scooter build as a proof of concept and for our amusement. Top speed is about 35km/h but with 2kw power output and massive torque it is a go anywhere vehicle.

The addition of the wheelie bar was a necessary upgrade due to the brutal acceleration.

The latest JPindustry commuter scooter

JPS-2 on top of a hill in Guildford.

Since upgrading this scooter it has done over 1000kms through every type of terrain.

2013 model upgraded scooter

“When I grow up I want to be a dirt bike”

And sometimes it acts as a ute if your car is parked too far and you need to move things.


JPS-20 on cargo duty

It is powered by a brushless dc motor ,14s 10Ah Li-po pack,

has upgraded disc brake and cruise control.


This is more civilized version of the JPS-20 , it`s easier to use ,has long list of features and optional extras.

It`s currently for sale for AU$1650.00(you can find the ad on ebay).


It is fitted with a custom wound brushless outrunner motor, brushless controller build with top quality components and one of our JP4811 Panasonic high discharge battery.
It has excellent acceleration and hill climbing.

All performance data bellow are based on real world testing with 90kg adult rider in moderately hilly terrain , head wind and are actually achievable unlike most ,if not all Chinese scooters.


Cruise control
Regenerative braking
Disc brake
2 speed selector
Pneumatic folding mechanism
Adjustable handle bar height
Weight about 13kg
3 hour charger
Max rider weight is 110kg

Possible OPTIONAL EXTRAS (at additional cost)
-1 hour charger
-12v dc converter (for running lights,phone charger etc.)
-1100 lumen led light
-Cycle analyst trip computer
-bigger battery(up to 50km range)

Motor: brushless dc
Drive: chain
Power: 1.5kw continuous
Torque: 12 Nm
Top speed: (flat) 35km/h (uphill) 30km/h
Range (at top speed) : 22km
Acceleration 0-35km/h : 3s
Power wheelies:Yes

Custom builds:

Modified Evo electric scooter


Custom CAD designed and CNC milled 8M toothed belt drive.


Custom wound brushless dc outrunner motor.


JP4814 battery and upgraded BLDC controller(not really an upgrade , more like retrofit with quality components).




Chassis: EVO 800w electric scooter

Power : 1.6kw (customer request more power possible)

Torque: 12Nm

Speed : 45km/h (customer request, 60km/h possible)

Range : 25km (real world ,same conditions as JPS-15)


Cruise control

Regenerative braking

12 v dc-dc converter with 2 automotive socket outlets and 5v USB port for phone charging.

Cycle analyst trip computer

3 speed switch

Upgraded brake calipers


Razor E300

This scooter was upgraded on a customer request with custom build and wound BLDC outrunner ,8M toothed belt drive and controller. It is limited to very modest power and speed, again on costumer`s request.The battery is 36v 17.4 Ah Panasonic pack build by us.

Photos From the Iphone 015

Front view of 8085 BLDC outrunner housing with support bearing

Photos From the Iphone 017




Bottom of the scooter

Chassis: Razor E300 electric scooterE300 drivetrain2e300 battery

Power : 800w (customer request more power possible)

Torque: 8 Nm

Speed : 32Km/h (customer request, more possible)

Range : 40km


Cruise control

Regenerative braking

2 speed switch

12 v dc-dc converter with 2 automotive socket outlets and 5v USB port for phone charging.

Cycle analyst trip computer

Disc brake upgrade (original was band brake, which is only slightly above dragging your feet on the ground).


The “Suicide”

The Suicide was a 6.5kw scooter based on the EVO electric scooter chassis (it`s unrelated to the EVO above , this one was an in-house build). It was powered by Castle Creations Phoenix hv160 ESC and 12s 20Ah rc Li-po battery. It would accelerate to 50km/h in about 2s (if you managed to keep the front wheel down). It is mothballed at this point , since it is bit dangerous even for experienced riders.

For some reason we only have couple of photos of it being untied from the Mundo and few bad videos.



Vego 600sx

We`ve modified two of these scooters. Unfortunately one of them was stolen before we could take a decent photo. Both of them had very high power , but despite the excellent build quality the remaining one is now decommissioned. This is due to weak OEM brakes.

Vego 1



Battery – Li-po 22.2v 20Ah

Motor – 8085 outrunner 250kv

Controller – CC Mamba Monster

Power – 3.5 Kw

Top speed – 40km/h

Range – 30 km


Vego 2

Vego 1Vego CA


Battery – Li-po 44.4v 15Ah

Motor – 80100 outrunner 180kv

Controller – CC Phoenix HV 160

Power – 8 Kw

Top speed – 60 km/h

Range – 30 km

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