Vectrix VX-1

This one was sitting in a garage for 2 years with dead battery, we bought it , revived the battery packĀ  and it`s currently registered and roadworthy. It has range of only 50km , but that`s enough for now to go to the city and back.

It`ll eventually be upgraded to lithium battery with a projected 300km+ range.


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    • Hello Thomas

      We can build a lithium pack for the Vectrix sized depending on your budget.

      The smallest would be a 32Ah 130v , 4.2kwh nominal which would be AU$5500.
      Weight of this battery would be only around 25kg, which is nearly 65 kg saving over the ni-mh battery. This , with the increased capacity (original battery was 3.7 Kwh when new) would improve the range by 25% at least, again comparing with a new Vectrix.
      8 year old VX-1 battery is lucky to deliver 18 – 20 Ah.

      The biggest pack that we can make fit in the battery compartment is 130v 131Ah , or 17Kwh , which is a 460% increase in range comparing to the as new vehicle or about 320km+ range in city riding.
      The price for a pack like this is over AU$13000 however.

      The tricky part is making the bike to accept the li-ion chemistry.
      A firmware upgrade is absolutely necessary as is a replacement of the fuse (Littelfuse 175A is the minimum).
      Because the Vx-1 uses CAN-BUS communication system that connects the controller with the charger and its rudimentary BMS (battery managements system) I couldn`t provide you with a simple to install kit and would have to install the pack myself.

      Other than those options , there are EV part suppliers in Australia who carry a stock of prismatic li-fepo4 batteries (lifepo4 weighs about twice as much compared to the batteries we use) that can be used in the conversion , but you still have the same firmware and BMS related issue and you`d have to assemble the pack yourself, while cost of going this way is actually higher.

      If you have any questions you can contact me on my email at



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